Introducing the New Electra Ribbon.

Today, we released R2.0.6 update which in addition to a bunch of bug fixes and improvements, also included the new Electra Ribbon. This release will only affect Visio 2010 users where Visio 2003/2007 users will still see the old Electra menu but for Visio 2010 users, the ribbon as shown below is much more user friendly, intuitive and better organized.

The new Electra ribbon on Visio 2010.

If you are using the "New Electra Drawing" template, you will see the ribbon immediately, but if you are starting an old drawing, you would still see the old text only interface. Once you save your old drawings, the new interface will also be saved and you will see the new ribbon interface the next time you open your old drawings. So in simple words, re-save your old drawings to view the new ribbon interface.

Plus, there have been a bug on our activation code where activated software will be shown to be not activated. This has since been remedied, but would require our users to re-activate again. Other than that, we will have much more content and updates in the very short future. Keep in touch.

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