Making promises, meeting expectations.

Some of our users might know that we made a promise (a long time ago) to get your support, sales and technical emails answered within 48 hours. Mind you, these are not auto-responders where you are directed to read from some help files, but rather, each email is answered individually, catering only to questions for a particular user.

In cases where we think that a description might not be sufficient, we will also create a video to ensure that the answer get explained properly and easily understood, so that users get to be productive with Electra as soon as possible. We have also used remote access software to help users set up their installations properly for the same purpose. Getting users to be productive immediately with Electra is our priority.

We are most happy to meet and keep this promise, and is renewing that today, your emails will get answered within 48 hours, bar none. If we need more time, you will be posted on our progress.

Since we launched Electra E6 at the beginning of the year, we have released 7 updates (latest version R2.0.7), that's about an update every 2 weeks. Most of these updates, in addition to bug fixes, contains some sort of improvements on the electrical software in one form or another, including:

  • Added easy to use Ribbon interface for Visio 2010 users.
  • Included the new double sided PLC module generator.
  • Improved speed when dragging a bunch of connected wires.
  • Improved responsiveness when dealing and updating large drawings.
  • Added wire link preview on dialog box, for easier and faster wire link pairings.

Today, with release R2.0.7, we are going to add another huge improvement, and that is wires that will propagate in all directions, and over multiple pages. Previously, users need to find the "top" wire to change for wire names to propagate down to all connected wires. With this release, users can change the wire name for any wire, and the changes will automatically propagate to all connected wires, no matter how they are connected. See video below for more:

We are not sure if we can keep on releasing improvements at this pace, but I shall make you another promise today, we have much more improvements in our hands and will be working hard to get them to our user's hands as soon as possible.

Keep in touch.

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