How to Align Electrical Symbols in Electra.

We've found that some of our users are having a tough time aligning their electrical symbols and therefore found it hard to make wires "straight" as illustrated below:

To keep it simple and easy here is what you should do:

  1. Make sure your settings are correct. In Visio 2003/2007, click on menu Tools | Snap & Glue. In Visio 2010, click on ribbon View tab, click on the small arrow under Visual Aids, and make sure your settings are as below:
  2. When you are dropping symbols onto your drawing, make sure you are working at between 83% and 133% zoom, as illustrated below:
  3. Make sure that you align the symbol's alignment box to the grid's gray lines as shown below:

And that's it. Once you placed your symbols on the gray grid lines, your symbols will be aligned properly and thus your wires will also be aligned properly.

To understand further why it is important to place symbols on the gray grid lines, you should know that all electrical symbols in Electra are created with an alignment box that enable you to easily place them on a gray grid lines, as shown below:

Electrical symbols in Electra are minutely adjusted to ensure they have an alignment box that's easy to align.

The main reason to align a symbol to the gray grid lines is that connection points to symbols are also aligned to gray grid lines as shown below:

Electrical symbols in Electra are created to have their connection points aligned to gray grid lines.

If a symbol is placed out of the gray grid lines, their connection points will also be out of the gray grid lines. And when you connect a wire onto the symbol, one end of the wire will be out of alignment, while the other end will be on the gray grid lines, thus resulting in a "slanted" wire, as shown below:

Once you have a slanted wire, it is extremely difficult to connect a perpendicular wire onto it and have Electra automatically connect the wire, as shown below:

And there you have it, in simple words, drop your symbols and wires onto gray grid lines and everything will align well.

We also recommend that users use a page measurement unit of inches when making circuits as the electrical symbols in Electra is designed to work well in this unit. Although the symbols can also be used in mm or cm, it would require that users drag the symbols to adjust it's size to ensure everything fits well, which is more work than we could recommend. Making circuits does not require measurement units anyway, while during panel layout, measurement units are important and users can set to any required units with Electra's layout symbol still working well without extra work.

Hopes it helps.


  1. How Do you do the Aligment on PLC? Does it work properly? Same isue for Connectors?

  2. Hi There, the PLC should align itself properly, but if it does not, please do email us at [email protected] with a screenshot or a sample drawing, and we will get to it immediately. We'll need more information for this one.

  3. Solve, the Default "Spacing" is 0.3750 pda so if set to 4 the lines aling.

  4. I was having difficulty with the alignment and the grid. (In the "Tell me what to do box" type Ruler & Grid and you will get the correct setup dialog). I changed the grid from "fine" to "fixed spacing" and set minimum spacing to 4 mm. Now when I zoom up the grid squares just get bigger, instead of becoming finer & finer. Now I can accurately place symbols at any magnification.