New in R210: Highly visible cross reference information.

Here at Radica Software, we are always thinking and trying to improve Electra E6. It's a daily thing and it never stops, so I guess you've got to like the job or else it's gonna drive you insane. Occasionally, we come up with an idea which we think is way too cool, and seeing it being implemented, and truly helping our users to be more productive, gives us tremendous satisfaction. We think the changes in this release (R210) is one of those, so you let us know if it is or isn't.

Previously, when you double click on a symbol, you will be able to see cross reference information on the "Edit Reference" dialog box, as shown below:

Although you will be able to see that there is a contactor with reference "C1" on page 2, zone G4 (/2.G4), it really meant nothing much. To really view the symbol in question, you have to remember /2.G4, press the cancel button and then go to page 2 to view it. Troublesome, to say the least. more. In this release R210, we have updated Electra E6 to be able to view the symbol in question directly by just clicking on the listbox, as shown below:

Whenever you click on a symbol in the listbox above, you will be able to see the symbol highlighted on the right, no matter which page the symbol is on. When you click OK, you will be brought back to your original view or page. When you click Cancel, the view will stay, so in effect, you can use the "Edit Reference" dialog to quickly find the symbols you are looking for and go to where it is located.

The same also applies to the "Edit Wire" dialog box as shown below:

The same also applies to the "Manage Cables" dialog box as shown below:

So, rather than just looking at text and numbers, you can now click on the location and be able to view the symbols or wires directly. To be able to see wires before assigning a cable would be handy indeed. Hopefully it help our users to get things done faster.

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