New in R212: International settings bugs and improved editing for references and wires.

When you use or try out Electra, chances are you're located on an English-speaking country. In these countries, to denote a fraction, you use "0.25". Sometimes in other languages, the fraction is denoted as "0,25", by using comma as a separator. This comma will cause much problems in R211. all these problems has been remedied in the new release R212.

In addition, we have been making some slight modifications to the reference window and also the wire name window as shown below:

New Reference Window

When you first enter into the reference window, the reference field will be automatically selected so that you can edit and change the reference straight away without requiring further clicks. Also in the reference window, we have added a button that will allow you to edit the pin names without exiting the reference window. Our testing results showed that this will enable users to modify your symbols easier.

New Wire Window

The same thing applies to the wire window where, when you enter into the wire window the wire name will be automatically selected without requiring further clicks. This would enable users to modify the wire name faster and easier.

That's all for now. Keep in touch.

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