New in R213: Even faster reports with far greater legibility.

We at Radica Software, are very excited to bring this new release to our customers. We have made a conscious decision to release updated improvements to our software incrementally. This means that, rather than hoarding all the great improvements to Electra, and releasing it only on our next version, we shall now continue to make improvements on Electra and releasing these improvements periodically. Therefore, when you purchase Electra, you shall continue to receive updates and improvement to the software throughout the lifetime of Electra E6.

This also means, when we released Electra E7 in the years to come, you will not see a large jump in features and benefits. Rather, you will only see an incremental change. However, the accumulated improvement or changes, compared to when we first release Electra E6 and when we release Electra E7 will be large indeed. We strongly believe, the incremental improvement to Electra will offer our customers even greater benefits and value, and allow them to use these improved features immediately.

In this R213 release, we are pleased to report that we have been able to optimise our report generation algorithms and it will now run up to 50 times faster than previously. You may not notice the speed improvement when you export a small amount of data, but it will definitely be much faster if you export a larger dataset.

Another area that we are very excited to release is the much improved connections report. It now contains far greater details, less clutter and far greater legibility that feels more natural. Make sure you read our following blog post about what has changed.

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