New in R214: Introducing Flexible Connectors.

Connector Icons If you have not done so already, we strongly recommend that you update Electra to the latest R214 version. In addition to a list of bug fixes, we have also released 3 connector symbols that is both flexible and powerful. You should be able to see their icons on the JIC Symbols and IEC symbols stencils.

3 Different Connector Symbols

The first connector symbol is a male and female assembly, while the other two can be made into both male only plug or female only socket, with just a right click.

Connectors with automatic and multiple direction

In addition, all connectors have user selectable multi-direction, meaning they automatically rotate and flip with just a right click for maximum flexibility.

Set Connector When it comes to connectors, there are a million of them out on the market, some with 50 pins or more, and most, if not all, with very unique pin names. So, rather than forcing our users to unproductively type in all the pin names for each and every pin, we decided to let them generate it. When you place a connector symbol onto your drawing, it will have 3 initial pin names. Right click on the connector symbol and select "Set Connector" to generate more.

Set Connector Window
  1. Connector Point: Specify the starting point of your pin names here. For example, a starting point of "A1" will generate A1, A2, A3, etc. A starting point of "MTU1" will generate MTU1, MTU2, MTU3, etc. A starting point of "1", will generate 1, 2, 3, etc.
  2. Number of Points: Specify the number of points to generate here. For example, you can see that we have entered 8 number of points to generate, and when we click on the "Generate" button, Electra will generate 8 number of points based on the format you have specified in "Connector Point".
  3. Spacing: Specify pin name spacing (as shown below) for the connector symbol. The spacing field will accept major units, for example 0.125 in, 5mm, etc.
Connector Pin Spacing

Please note that you can also manually type in any pin name as required, the connector shape will gladly accept skipped pin names and also unequal pin names on the both sides of the connector. Once you are happy with the pin names as listed, click on the "OK" button, and Electra will be able to generate your connector as shown below:

Generated Connector Symbol

We hope that you will find the connector symbols flexible and easy to use on your electrical CAD drawings. Thanks for reading.

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