Optimal Visio Settings for Electra.

Over here at Radica Software, we have setup our systems to work great with Electra. In this blog post, we would like to share with you these settings, so that you may get an optimal performance out of Electra.

Macro and Security Settings.

To access Macro and security settings:

In Visio 2010-2016, right click Visio and run as administrator. Open a blank drawing and click on menu File | Options. Then at the Visio Options window, click on Trust Center tab and select Trust Center Settings. In Visio 2007, click on menu Tools | Trust Center.
Click on Trust Center Settings to open Trust Center Window
Our Trust Center settings are as below:
Add-ins Settings
ActiveX Settings
In Visio 2003, click on menu Tools | Options. At the Options window, click on Security tab and select Macro Security.
Click on Macro Security button to open Security window
Our Security settings are as below:
Security Settings
Visio Settings.

To access Visio settings:

In Visio 2010-2016, click on menu File | Option | Advanced.
Advanced Visio Settings
In Visio 2003 / 2007, click on menu Tools | Options.
View Settings
General Settings
Snap & Glue Settings.

In Visio 2010-2016, click on the View tab and then click on the small arrow beside Visual Aids. In Visio 2007 / 2003, click on menu Tools | Snap & Glue.
To open Snap & Glue window
Our Snap & Glue settings are as below:
Snap & Glue Settings
We strongly recommend that you set your Visio settings to the above in order to have an optimal experience in Electra. Thanks for reading.

Proudly authored by: Kok Wai Yin


  1. Any specific regarding Visio 2013. Read on Blog that there were issues when first released. Is this still true?

    1. Hi Jean, This is no longer true as we have resolved these issues. Electra now work very well in Visio 2013 and 2016.

  2. I am using office 2019 and visio 2019. i installed 32bit version but it crashes and macro doesn't work at all. I'm in trial period. I don't think it is fully compitable with visio 2019..

  3. I am using the 2019 version of Visio - The Radica software is not activated on this. Please assist if possible.

    1. Hi,

      Could you please send us a screenshot of your About Electra to [email protected] ?

      Thanks in advance.

      The Electra Team