How to share symbols, templates and databases.

While Electra automate your electrical CAD drawings and increase your productivity, the ability to share your work with fellow colleagues is even more powerful. For example, if a colleague has created a symbol, you can simply use it instead of recreating it again. In Visio and Electra, sharing resources with the entire team is simply super easy:

Note: It is assumed that you have installed and activated both Visio and Electra on all user computers.

Sharing Component Database

By sharing the component database, new component entries by you or any colleagues will be usable throughout the entire team. Follow the steps below to share your database:

  • Browse to "C:\Program Files\Radica\Electra\" folder and copy the database file, "Electra6.mdb" to a network folder, say "Z:\Electra\".
  • Start a new drawing by double clicking on "New Electra Drawing.vst".
  • Click on menu Electra | Document Options | Files tab | Component Database, and click on "Browse" to set the database path to "Z:\Electra\".
  • Repeat the above for ALL USER COMPUTERS.
Setting Component Database Path

That's it. Your database is now shared among team members.

Sharing symbols and stencils

To share symbols and create a template to automatically load all shared stencils, follow the steps below:

  • Browse to "C:\Program Files\Radica\Electra\" folder and copy all stencils (.vss) with the exception of "Electra.vss", to your network folder, say "Z:\Electra\".
  • Make sure Visio can find your stencils and templates:
    • For Visio 2010, click on menu File | Options | Advanced | File Locations.
    • For Visio 2003/2007, click on Tools | Options | Advanced | Files Paths.
    • Change both the stencil and template file path from "C:\Program Files\Radica\Electra\" folder to "Z:\Electra\". Visio Template and Stencil File Paths
  • Repeat setting of "File Locations" above for ALL USER COMPUTERS.

Sharing templates

Now that you've shared the component database and stencils, it's time we tied it all up and ensure that everytime any one of your team members opens a new drawing, all stencils will be loaded properly, and everyone shares and uses the same resources:

  • Open a new drawing by double clicking on "New Electra Drawing.vst".
  • Right click on the stencil icons on the left of your screen and close all stencils (except Electra.vss).
    Closing all stencils
  • Click on "More Shapes" or File menu, then on "Open Stencils", and browse to open all stencils on the network location ("Z:\Electra\" folder).
  • Click on File, then "Save As", and make sure the "Save As Type" is "Template".
  • Save the file as a template and give it a name like "New Company Template" at the network location ("Z:\Electra\").
  • Create a link on all computers with Electra to point to this new template, on the desktop.

That's it. From now on, instead of using “New Electra Drawing” to start a new drawing, your team members will click on “New Company Template” to start a new drawing, and this new template will automatically load the shared stencils on the network location (instead of local stencils). Modifications made on shared stencils will be accessible to all team members.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment.


  1. Can one download be shared between two computers and users?

    1. Hi Daniel, may we ask for clarification on your question? You're referring to Electra's installer file download or activation on license purchased?