New in R218: Exporting and Importing the Component Database.

As you use Electra to build up your Component Database, it's clear the interface is best suited for single component only. Try copying, adding or editing multiple components and you will soon find the entire process troublesome. In this release, we make the process of editing or adding multiple components into the database, a breeze.

  1. Exporting Component Database to Excel.
  2. Click on Electra tab/menu, then Export | Component Database, and the content of your component database will be exported to an Excel file. The entire database will always be exported and you cannot export only part of the database.

    Exported Component Database in Excel

    Once exported, you can then proceed to modify, add or edit accordingly.

  3. Importing an Excel file into the Component Database.
  4. To import an Excel file back into the Component Database, we strongly suggest that you use the template as it is exported above. After modifications, simply click on the Electra tab/menu, Import | Component Database.

    Import Component Database Window

    Click on the Browse button to browse for the Excel file, an then click on the Import button. The status of the import will be visible on the status window.

  5. Important points to note during import.
    • Component information will NEVER be deleted during import.
    • Because the entire database is exported, you may find it easier to work with your data by deleting part of it in the Excel file. When the same data is imported, the deleted data are simply ignored, and no deletion will be performed on the database. This ensures that the database is not accidentally deleted or overwritten.

      To delete information from the database, you will need to use the Electra interface or modify the database directly by opening it in Access.

    • The header (first row) of the Excel file must be exactly the same as it is exported.
    • For Electra to understand the data, the header or first row of the Excel file must be exactly the same as it was exported. This ensures that your data are consistent and easily readable by Electra, and correctly imported into the database.

      Exported Excel File Header

    • Duplicate component information will be ignored.
    • Before Electra modify or add component information from Excel back into the database, the information is checked, to see if they already existed in the database. If duplicates are found, then these information are ignored and the user notified accordingly on the status window. This is to ensure that the database stays small, fast and very usable, without duplicates.

In addition to a host of other things that we've done in this release, we sincerely hoped that you can now modify component database information much more easier, faster and your productivity greatly improved.


  1. Getting the following error message when trying to impord component db:
    "Mocrosoft Visual Basic, Run-time error "13": Type mismatch"
    Any idea how to fix?

  2. Hi Jorund, probably a bug that fails to detect data type. Please do send in your data to [email protected] for a quick fix, thank you.