Compile Error after Windows Update on Jan 10th, 2013

Update 3: We have confirmation that the below will solve this compile error problem.

Update 2: We are still awaiting some confirmation, but we believe the below will solve this problem:

  1. Re-download the Electra software (release or trial) and re-install Electra using the latest version.
  2. Remove .exd files and re-start Electra. More information on how to do this is available here: //

Update 1: At this stage, it seems only Visio 2007 has problems, and Visio 2010 with Electra is working fine.

Unfortunately, after this Windows update, Electra has been broken again. We are throwing all our resources at this at the moment and hope to have a solution soon. New updates will be posted here in this post, so we would recommend NOT updating Windows at this stage.


  1. i downloaded and installed to evaluate the software for our company and it don't work. Keep getting "Complie error in hidden module: clsCrossRef." Very disapointed and the evaluation period don't reset due to this error.

    1. Hi Ang, we are extremely sorry that you had such an experience. Chances are you are using Visio 64 bits. Please keep in touch with us as we are keen to ensure that your evaluation is improved to a far better experience. We will be glad to send you something which will extend the evaluation period until you have evaluated satisfactorily. Do send us an email at [email protected]

  2. Any update on the support for Visio 2013? 64 bit machines. Also any issues w/ Win 8.1?

  3. Hi Mark, Visio or Office 64bit support is not doable mainly because there are no support from Microsoft, therefore we are still working on Visio 32 bits. All versions of Windows from XP to 8.1 will work fine without problems both in 32 and also 64 bits. Hopes that helps.