Visio shortcuts you may not know about

If you're doing electrical circuits with Electra, chances are, you'll be wanting to get it done real quick. Here's a list of shortcuts that'll help you work even faster.
Mouse wheel Quickly zoom in and out using the mouse wheel
Press CTRL + Mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
Mouse wheel Quickly scroll vertically or horizontally
Just scroll the mouse wheel to scroll vertically, and press SHIFT + mouse wheel to scroll horizontally.
Pointer tool Pointer tool
Press CTRL + 1 to revert to pointer tool.
Text tool Text tool
Press CTRL + 2 to select the text tool.
Text Block tool Text block tool
Press CTRL + SHIFT + 4 to select the text block tool.
Save tool Save document
Press CTRL + S to save your document.
Save As tool Save As
Press F12 to save your document as new.
Duplicate tool Duplicate shapes
Press CTRL + D to duplicate selected shapes, or press CTRL + mouse drag to duplicate and position.
Group tool Grouping shapes
Press CTRL + G to group selected shapes.
UnGroup tool UnGrouping shapes
Press CTRL + SHIFT + U to ungroup selected group.
Send to front tool Send to front
Press CTRL + SHIFT + F to send the selected object forward.
Send to back tool Send to back
Press CTRL + SHIFT + B to send the selected object backward.
Rotate shape clockwise tool Rotate clockwise
Press CTRL + R to rotate the selected object to right.
Rotate shape anti-clockwise tool Rotate anti-clockwise
Press CTRL + L to rotate the selected object to left.
Flip vertical tool Flip vertical
Press CTRL + J to flip the selected object vertical.
Flip horizontal tool Flip horizontal
Press CTRL + H to flip the selected object horizontal.
Undo tool Undo
Press CTRL + Z to undo the last action.
Redo tool Redo
Press CTRL + Y to reverse the last action.
Proudly created with the help of Tammy Wong.

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