New in R108: More benefits from your favourite electrical cad software

Dividing electrical schematics into sub panels

When working on larger projects, there may be a need to design circuits for multiple panels, and Electra now comes with an easy way to organize sub panels into a single project.

Sub panel symbol on electrical stencil

One of the first thing you will notice when updating to R108 is the new sub panel symbol in the JIC or IEC stencil. To divide your circuits into sub panels, simply drag the sub panel symbol onto your drawing and drag handles to encapsulate your circuits.

Encapsulated electrical circuits on sub panel

You can choose any name for your sub panels, simply select the sub panel symbol and type away. If you have multiple circuits over multiple pages that makes up a sub panel, you can drop multiple sub panel symbols and name them the same. For example, you can have a sub panel on page 1 called "Remote Panel #1" and also a sub panel symbol on page 3 with the same name. There are no limits to the amount of sub panels you can have in a drawing, so drop in as many as you like.

Choosing a sub panel to automatically generate panel layout

Once you're ready to generate panel layout, the Generate Layout window will show a list of panels that you can select to generate. You may select the default panel or any sub panels, and therefore allow you to generate multiple panels faster and easier than ever before.

Reusing generated reports

Previously, when generating reports inside a drawing, Electra will always ignore reports that is already on your drawing, and produces new reports. With the R108 update, you get a choice to generate new reports, keep or remove old reports, or reuse old reports. This makes it very easy when you have reports on multiple pages that is already sized and formatted, and Electra will let you reuse them without the need for more work.

Reuse existing reports when generating reports in Electra

Automatic propagation of formatting for wires

Users of Electra has enjoyed automatic wire number propagation for a long time, and with this update, automatic propagation also applies to formatting. For example, if you have set a wire to be thicker or to another color of your choice, when a wire is connected, the new wire will automatically get the same formatting applied. This works for line weight, line pattern, line color, font, font color and font size, making it extremely easy to change wires to any formatting and have it automatically propagated without additional work.

Automatically propagated formatting for wires

Renumber LadderZones over multiple pages

When dropping LadderZones on a drawing, users are supposed to renumber them as the electrical circuit design progresses. But sometimes, there is a need to insert pages with more circuits, and with the R108 update, renumbering LadderZones over multiple pages is now a breeze. Click on the Electra tab | Tools | Renumber Ladder Zones and you will be presented with the dialog below:

Renumber electrical circuits on Ladder Zones

Choose which Ladder Zone to start renumbering, and Electra would automatically do the rest. Multiple ladder zones will be renumbered according to pages, and for each page, left to right and top to bottom. For example, if you have 2 Ladder zones on page 1, and another 2 on page 2, they will be renumbered to 100, 200, 300 and 400 respectively according to their page and location on each page.

Once the ladder zones have been renumbered, Electra will also automatically update all symbols and wires on the ladder zones to follow their new numbering. This is extremely powerful in the sense that Electra allows users to renumber electrical ladder circuit diagrams over an entire drawing, with just a few clicks.

Setting wires as jumpers

Also included in R108, is the ability to set wires as jumpers. On a schematic, you may use wires to indicate a connection, but physically, the same wire may be a jumper on your terminals. Select the wires you want to set as jumpers and click on Electra tab | Tools | Set Wires as Jumpers. Once done, you will be able to generate a bill of materials (BOM) with jumpers and can use the Manage Component window to set the brand or the layout symbol to be used as a jumper during panel layout.

Setting wires as jumpers

Adding spacers to rails

On our updated Layout stencil, users may notice a new spacer symbol which is used to space components on rails. For example, you may want to place some contactors and relays on your rail, but separate them with some spacing. With the new spacer symbol, you can now do so easily. As with all our layout symbols, simply drop then on a rail and they will be automatically placed on the rail. To resize the spacer, simply click on it and drag on its handles.

Spacer symbol automatically placed on a rail


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