New in R114: Improved connections and wire links (BONUS: Electra E8!)

We have not updated our users for a while, mainly because we are hard at work at improving Electra and bringing new and exciting features for Electra E8, targeted for the last quarter of this year (2017). Therefore, if you have suggestions for us, and would like to see certain features being built into Electra, please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions.

For this release, we have improved Electra to allow easier connections when you drag a wire to connect to symbols. Previously, when you do so, your symbols will be highlighted and users are allowed to connect the wire to the centre of the symbol. Going forward, when dragging wires, Electra will only allow connection to symbol connection points for easier and faster wiring connections.

We have also added the ability to filter wire locations based on pages. The same applies to wire links where you will be able to sort wire links by pages or by wire name. This allow you to easily view wires and wire links to ensure they get connected to symbols faster.

Many of our new features will be completed and released as they complete full testing but we have to extend our most sincere thanks to our loyal customers for providing many suggestions to improve on Electra. Thank you very much and please keep the feedback coming!

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